I am available to provide workshops and lectures ranging from one hour to a whole day or even longer, on request.
The workshops are suitable for established teachers, student teachers, university tutors, and colleagues working in settings outside schools, such as museums and hands-on learning centres. The workshops can be extended to give a sequence of regular sessions, say each day for a week, or over a month or semester. Contact me on for availability, quotations and negotiation. All workshops are hands-on sessions if an ICT suite can be available. For a small extra charge, it is possible to provide all delegates with a memory stick with electronic copies of materials and links to other sites.

Action Research in Science Education
I have been Convenor of the PALAVA teacher-researcher group for 20 years, mainly involved in Action Research. I can provide both general sessions/ workshops on Action Research in Science Education, and Case Studies to give concrete examples. The HIPST project also had an Action Research Component.

History and Philosophy in Science Education
I was the UK Convenor of the European History and Philosophy in Science Teaching project
As Convenor, I can provide workshops on integrating History of Science and Philosophy of Science into secondary school teaching, using concrete examples.

Modelling in Chemical Education
I have worked with teachers for 20 years on representation in chemistry, mainly at secondary school level.
I have also worked in a European project on graphical representation of particles in chemistry.
My topics are:
a) Symbols and signs in chemical equations
b) Particle modelling using animation software and story boarding.
c) Acidity, especially changes in ideas throughout history
d) Issues concerned with dissolving, including explaining insolubility and partial solubility
e) Conceptual representation behind chemical mathematical functions

Designing science teacher education programmes
I have a great wealth of expertise in designing professional development programmes in science education, primarily for teaching in the 11-18 age range, and in using ICT in science teaching.