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John formally retired at Reading University on 30th September 2010. He was then a part-time Principal Investigator fo the Changing with the Climate EU Network until 2013. He was an Honorary Fellow (until June 30th, 2016), an Honorary Research Associate at Brunel University, and a PhD Supervisor at Hibernia College, Dublin, through Plymouth University. His formal links with Reading University are now at an end.
  • His role as an Independent Researcher enables him to continue to work in science education, climate change education, and global justice action. In particular, his work is directed at issues of global justice in STEM education, in pedagogy and methods of research as much as in specific outcomes.
  • As an honorary member of staff at Reading University, he hosted two Academic Visitors in 2010, Dr Unsal Topsakal (Turkey) working on Visualisation in Science Education, and Dr Leong Lai Mei (Malaysia) working on Teachers' Perceptions of the Impact of ICT on Teaching Science and English in UK and Malaysia, and teaching on INSET provision, In September 2014 he hosted Klemens Koch (aspects of chemical education) and Luzia Koch (aspects of reading) as Academic Visitors from Switzerland until December 2014.
  • As former Research Associate at Brunel University, he worked with Dr Rob Toplis, on Visualisation in Chemical Education, particularly animations for subject knowledge, and linking research and practice.
  • As a Principal Investigator with Rayner Mayer of Reading University Construction Management for various Climate Change projects, including the successful EU bid Changing with Climate Change (2010-2013).
  • As Convenor of the Science Special Interest Group of The British Educational Research Association.
  • As NW Europe Board Member for The International organisation for Science and Technology Education, he has convened or co-convened three symposia, the first in Reading in March 2011, the second in Limerick in April 2012, and a third virtual one on Inclusion in Octover 2015. A fourth conference (hybrid) is planned for 2017.
  • As past Chair of the Research Committee for The Association for Science Education, UK and past committee member
  • As recent past Secretary and Treasurer of The Association for Tutors in Science Education, UK
  • As continuing Convenor of the long-running PALAVA teacher researcher group, based in Reading,
  • As recent Secretary of The Thames Valley Section of The Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, and member of the SE Steering Group.
  • As recent Chair of the South East Education Division (SEED) of The Royal Society of Chemistry
  • As a recent Committee Member of The Schools and FE Committee (SaFE) of The Royal Society of Chemistry
  • With Jane Fieldsend conducting research on a variety of aspects of Subject Content Knowledge of ITE students and diagrams in learning.
  • He has edited the ASE Guide to Research in Science Education, published Feb 2012
  • He has contributed a chapter on Acids and bases in the book Teaching Chemistry edited by Keith Taber and published in June 2012, and chapters in many other books.
  • He is co-supervisor of Jude Sanders at Hibernia College, studying through Plymouth University for a PhD: reflection in distance learning PGCE.
  • He is supervising Bianca Fresacher Cameron at the International School in Geneva in a Narrative Study at PhD level on purposes of science education
  • Constructing and editing a book on the roles of diagrams in learning in the sciences and in mathematics
  • Constructing a book on History and Philosophy of science through chemistry, a novel approach to learning chemistry.
  • Board Member of The Journal of Heterodox Economics
  • Board Member of Eurasian Journal of Physics and Chemistry Education (EJPCE)

Such activity will still leave some time for consultancy work and I look forward to working in collaboration with colleagues in the future.

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